Black Friday Special!


If you've been wanting to try IMK #PeelEze and #BioBase - now's your chance!


Never before have minis been available for purchase but a limited supply is in this cute, fun bundle! $15.00 and it's yours. 5ml on each polish and 1.2ml of cuticle oil!

❄PeelEze - The best peel-off base coat! Latex-free & Non-toxic

❄BioBase - Nourishing base coat infused with coconut oil and B7

❄"Frost Bite" is a light blue crelly with blue glitters and icicle flakes and platinum flakes

❄"Winter's Biting Blush" is deep peach holo cream with scattered silver micro glitters

❄"Glam Bam!" Is a clear base packed with assorted iridescent flakes. Make any manicure something special!

❄Stuff cuticle oil in regular formula "Frost Bite" scent. Apple base fragrance with peppermint, cinnamon and lemon nipping at you and lingering notes of vanilla and fennel. Also infused with E and B7

❄Stuff Intense cuticle oil "Icy Mint". Peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus laced with fennel, cinnamon and bergamot. Also infused with E and B7

❄Fun snowflake nail stickers


Winter Bits of IMK

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$10.00Sale Price

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