This world has been dealing with a pandemic for a very long time now and while we're all hoping to be done with it soon, experts are saying that wearing face masks will be here for a long time.

Once we're done with COVID-19, they will still be useful during colds and flu season.  

I have make hundreds of masks for friends and family over the past 9 to 10 months and I will bring them to IMK in various themed fabrics.

How to use your new cotton face mask:

Put the mask on with elastic loops behind each ear.  Squeeze the metal nose piece to solidly conform to your nose bridge and face.  The silicone sliders on the elastic ear loops can be used to adjust the tightness.  Make sure you have all edges snugly against your face, cheeks, jaw and chin.  Do not leave gaps as it can allow virus to enter.  If you need to handle your mask while wearing it, handle it along the edges.  Remove the mask using the elastic ear loops.  Wash your hands.  Do not handle the mask at the front area where your nose and mouth would be.  You could transfer virus particles by touching that area.

Using a reusable cloth face mask will not guarantee your protection from virus transmission, but it will help to minimize it; both your transmission to someone else if you are contagious and someone else's transmission to you if they are contagious.

Caring for your cotton face mask:

Each mask has been prewashed ,but make sure you wash it after each use.  They can be machine or hand washed with regular detergent or soap in warm water.  DO NOT USE BLEACH as it will break down the fibers.  Tumble dry as you would for your everyday clothing or air dry.  A quick pressing with an iron is absolutely fine and the heat from the iron will also kill any germs.  Did you know sun drying will also help kill germs?  Yup!   

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